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Preventive Maintenance (PMP)

Preventive procedures for mantaining your machinery in perfect working condition. This involves scheduled visits to perform preventive maintenance tasks on the equipment. Travel expenses and labour hours are included in a fixed price.

This service adapts to your scheduled production stoppages and mantains the equipment in perfect working condition, extending the equipment lifetime and ensuring its reliability, at the same time reducing issues and the resulting repair costs.





Corrective Maintenance

Labour and travel costs included in corrective maintenance interventions.

This maintenance programme includes labour and travel costs for all corrective interventions arising during the duration of the contract. This service also includes the scheduled preventive visits necessary for the correct operation of the equipment, therefore, within a corrective maintenance contract, customers have a preventive maintenance service (PMP).

Your equipment is always monitored to prevent production line issues.





Comprehensive Maintenance

Spare parts, labour and travel costs are included Macsa ID offers a comprehensive maintenance of your machinery.

It includes travel and labour costs for all preventive and corrective interventions, as well as any spare parts needed during the programme contract duration. As such, the optimum service of your laser coding equipment is guaranteed, maximising productivity, reducing production line downtimes and achieving greater control over your maintenance budget.

For your convenience, the Comprehensive Maintenance Programme offers you a number of ways to pay: monthly, quarterly or yearly.