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INDUSTRIAL FIBER LASER. High precision 2D and 3D marking on metals 


F DUO Series 

A family of powerful and reliable industrial fiber lasers.

F DUO lasers are designed for high-speed on-line integration and for use in standalone workstations.

They are ideal for demanding metal marking applications, but are also effective with other materials such as plastics and composite materials.

F DUO lasers are long life, low maintenance lasers with very low cost of ownership.

The F DUO pulsed fiber laser product range has been extended to include MOPA lasers. 



For high precision marking

MOPA technology allows the shape and duration of the waveform to be controlled and selected by the user in order to optimize the conditions for high precision marking and micro machining applications.



Speed ​​and power
  • Fast and powerful lasers.
  • Optimal for marking plastics and metals.
Meet the needs of each sector
  • Available in two formats: F Pulsed and F MOPA, with adjustable pulse width.
  • Several powers for appropriate results according to each material and company.
Reliability and efficiency
  • Over 100,000 hours of life.
  • Great stability and reliability.
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